Oranjerus Resort ..

Arriving at the Resort we found wonderful accommodation for the two families… luxury… air cons.. and all the box and dices that one would need… right on the river edge…

len 181

Our view of the river was magnificent….

len 305

len 108

My son had decided it was time his city dwelling nephew, had to learn to fish… and he took to it like a duck to water.. the real pro…

len 085

len 088

Even his Father got involved… with no luck, but there were others trying their luck as well….

len 249

len 133

The Grand Daughters modelled for Grand Dad…..

len 137

len 093










The Orange river splits up into so many different channels in this area that there are islands that people live and grow grapes on….. now that’s what you call flat lands….

Capture 2

And then the sun set… to bring on the lighting of fires for the meal to come…

len 264

len 270

len 089A

Tomorrow we will go further….

41 thoughts on “Oranjerus Resort ..

  1. No crocodiles .. in the river … except the 2 legged one???!!! Wonderful resort and the house very nice. Love that straw roof – what is it now called again. Maybe the resort wasn’t priceless .. but the view and the sunset … wonderful photos of the kids too. Very cheeky.

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