More African Ground Squirrel… Kalahari Gemsbok Park.

These little fellows called on us very soon after watching us unpack the vehicle and move into the tent… Now I know feeding animals in parks is frowned upon, but how can you resist the visitation of such a cute animal with the look of “what have you to offer?”

My son is no better than me, as our hearts go out to all animals, and so often one wants to interfere in nature taking it’s course. Yet these animals have used their natural God given gift to appeal to you for a snack, and why not… these little fellows entertained us for a good few hours…

Kalagadi 773

Kalagadi 695

Their tails are used as a shade cover as well as a camouflage… looking at this top view of the squirrel, from above, to an eagle, he could so easily be a leaf..

Kalagadi 704

Kalagadi 660

They obviously enjoyed our company and started to dig in… or maybe it was just to cool themselves off with sand….

Kalagadi 718

Kalagadi 712

Kalagadi 711

Kalagadi 699

The cutest of little animals….

Kalagadi 684

62 thoughts on “More African Ground Squirrel… Kalahari Gemsbok Park.

  1. I wanted to press ‘like’.. if there was a ‘really like, big time’ option that’s what I would of clicked. Really beautiful. I look forward to getting to know you.

  2. These little guys are both similar and at the same time quite different from our Southern California grey squirrels. The photos from above are wonderful, because as you’ve illustrated, we can see how they camouflage. Isn’t nature terrifically clever! 🙂

    • I am so in your pocket on that point..Nature supplies all wild animals tools for escape from their natural enemies… which again makes it so interesting that their enemies must develop tactics to be able to catch them… isn’t nature wonderful… that the sick and weak are probably the ones that become food for the other…

  3. Love that first photo. 🙂 We used to have “pet” chipmunks when I was a kid. They’d come and eat out of our hands, stuff their faces and then run off to theirs nests. My sisters and I had names for each of them. They’re just so darn cute.

    • Thank you .. we wondered about the digging and after they left we went down to where they had been… 2 inches down and the ground is quite cool, definitely cooler that on the surface .. so we deducted they do it to cool off…

    • I would love to bring one home… just not sure how the dogs would agree to that… they are the most entertaining little things… they don’t beg for food, but they come into the camp and look for it as though on a normal foraging trip…

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