Remember 9/11?

Another poem by Alf Hutchison, poet extraordinaire and good friend….

Can you recall where you were, September nine/eleven?
When all hell did brake loose; from Kamikaze heaven,

In disbelief, you watched aghast… another plane, another blast.

Can you recall your disbelief, when Pan Am hit those Towers?
Proud symbols to a decadent world, of capitalistic powers;

Twin phallic symbol monuments… to green backs, dollars, cents.

Can you recall those heinous scenes; gut wrenching, grim and dire?
The New York skyline so unique, engulfed in smoke and fire,

This was no false illusion… Pandora’s Box of mass confusion,

Can you recall saying farewell, to those who died in vain?
Giving thanks to firemen; friends, you’d never see again,

Saluting unsung heroes… with your tears of grief and woes.

Can you recall the Israeli news; so grotesquely vile and sour?
Palestinians singing in the streets; praising ‘Islam’s finest hour’!

Never will we be the same…Jihadist joy, now Islam’s shame.

Can you recall having pondered, before that fateful flight?
A second ‘Viet Nam’ would rage; with not an end in sight

Times have changed now in The West… Jihad won’t let free man rest.

Can you recall when on your knees, praising God through prayer and song,
Protect our nation, even though, in the eyes of God, we have gone wrong,

A Saviour stands now in the wings…He is Lord of lords and King of kings.
Choose now America, Hell or Heaven…or have you all forgotten…nine/eleven?

Alf Hutchison Author “Sounds of Distant Drums”


21 thoughts on “Remember 9/11?

  1. I wasn’t going to comment on this as I have a very strict rule of never getting into political discussions because sometimes they leave hard feelings and that’s the last thing I’d want with you, Bulldog! I have such great respect for how you live and the things you hold dear (as represented in your wonderful blog!) I was somewhat surprised at the tone of this poem, when I read it on 9/11 and have been mulling it over ever since! Is the poet saying America brought the bombing on itself?

    • By no means what so ever… he is reminding us all to turn to God .. “Choose now America, Hell or Heaven…or have you all forgotten…nine/eleven?” It is a reminder to not forget the Lord and the last line is written as such for poetic compatibility… Alf is one of the most religious people I know and has a strong urge to remind people not to stray.
      I remember well after our first Viscount got shot out of the sky full of innocent people and then to hear of the survivors being shot and killed on the grounds by terrorists, what was my reaction.?? “Why God, why allow this to happen, do you in fact exists?” Alf is also from Rhodesia where these atrocities happened many years ago, and in sympathy we can say we know what must be going through peoples minds… I can assure you Alf would never say that anyone brought such attacks on themselves… I think he would never condone this to happen even on his own enemy…
      As has Alf, I’ve lived through the terrorist war that happened in Rhodesia and it is not something any of us would really want to talk about, having lost so many friends and even family, it is not something one wishes on anyone else, and did Rhodesia bring it upon itself?? I don’t think so, our leaders bent over backwards to come to some kind of agreement with the internal leaders as well as the leaders of the world, did Kissinger or Wilson agree.?? No they wanted the whites out in totality, well after so many years, after so many have lost their lives trying to hang onto their own farms being just snatched from them without any compensation and the rest of the world not even condemning these atrocities, it is with deep deep feeling that we hate what happened on 9/11, and that the enemy of the world is gaining strength and it should remind us that we should not stray from the path of God… hope that dispels any thoughts you have that a Rhodesian would wish this on anyone, or that we would say that you brought it upon yourself… did you see my post on what we call our 9/11 and the monument that we raised to them here in South Africa… ??

  2. Sobering, and the feelings of that day are still very easily accessed. It’s a very sad and awful memory. And the world still needs prayer. The ante continues to be “upped.” Thanks Rob, and thank to Alf.

  3. How can we ever forget the horror and disbelief of the horrific terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers (a few minutes before and after 09H00 American time) Twelve years ago 15H00 SA time. I heard the breaking news from a friend I had popped round to visit and thought he had made a huge mistake. How could the monumental Twin Towers have collapsed like crumbling cakes? Having stood on the roof of the Northern Tower in July 1997 it was just too much for my brain to absorb.Heartbreaking visuals and live TV coverage for days on end. I shall never forget Larry King interviewing survivors, among whom was this blind guy whose Labrador led him down the stairwall to safety. Curse the word: jihad. As with our own two Rhodesian Viscount victims we shall remember the American fallen.

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