A New Camera for the Bulldog….

I have a new camera on its way to me from America…. A Bucket List wish fulfilled by a friend… Is this what you look like when you go on a shoot.??


Or maybe your camera is too heavy to even hold.???


Well this is what I’m getting … and here is a photo to compare it with a camera with half its zoom…


My Fujifilm HS50EXR is in the air as we speak…

images 1

Oh what fun I’m going to have with this… now I too can walk around with two cameras in bags…


66 thoughts on “A New Camera for the Bulldog….

  1. Can’t wait to see what marvelous things you’ll do with this camera!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!
    I’m catching up on posts and saw that it hadn’t arrived as of Dec..10..Hang in there!!!

  2. This looks really promising, Rob. I hope you won’t get tired from carrying it around. 50-500 does seem like a perfect range for capturing wildlife 🙂 Good for you for getting it!

  3. That is going to keep you busy Rob !! Have fun which I’m sure you will … Size doesn’t matter !! I upgraded my Pentax last year in SA and it was the best thing I did now I want to upgrade again but have been given a very firm NO !! Oh well you canT have everything you want !! xx

    • Thanks Jane… in this case size does matter… smaller but better… easier to move about the bush with…. never been attracted to the big lens concept… and I think my captures are good enough for me. ..I’m not working for Nationally Geographics … lol

  4. Yesterday we were out at one of the nature reserves here, and I couldn’t believe how many elderly people were lugging these huge pieces of equipment around, complete with tripods. I’m sure their pics must turn out better than mine though. 🙂 You must be really excited about getting your new toy.

    • Sylvia… I’ve sat beside these canon carriers and taken photos of the same thing virtually at the same time … mine hand held, theirs on tripods… I’ve often been asked how mine looks and I will show them… they are all blown away by the zoom and the quality of the photo… one friend I know who has a Canon with Sigma lens 75 – 300 mm I think… has also bought a Fujifilm like my present one .. he just loves it, sure he still uses his Canon, but does enjoy his Fuji… can’t wait to go and show him the new one when it finally arrives… it is in RSA but now must be delivered by the post office and you know how efficient they are….
      I wouldn’t say you have to stand back for anyone looking at the photos you share… these canon carriers have to do quite a bit of editing to get what they show…. but my new one has the same Meg pixels as the Canons now as well as the focus time so why go big when you can be comfortable and walk all day..?

    • Why you worried..? You’ve always been second to my camera…. only joking, maybe now you will get to use the HS10 and take photos with me… now wouldn’t that be fun. .?

  5. Wow… I can’t wait for this experience. Your pics are already amazing… what in the world do we have to look forward to now? Give your friend a hug for all of us that love absorbing your pictures…

    • Thank you so much… my old camera has had a few limitations in that it only collected 10 megapixels and was tbe equvilant of a 720 mm the new one has 16.5 megapixels and the equivilent of a 1000 mm, apart from all the other mod cons. …. it comes with a 2.2 converter making that 1 000mm even longer… it has just so many features without the weight and inconvenience of a big gun for a lens….

  6. OH how fun! I do laugh when I see those humongous lenses. I wouldn’t even be able to carry just the lens ha! I can’t wait to see what pictures you get from your new camera!

      • I actually really love the camera I have now too, and I’m thankful it takes as nice of photos as it does for being just a basic point and shoot type. I probably wouldn’t know what to do with a newer fancier one anyway haha! Have fun lugging around those two cameras! 😉

    • Thanks Diana… not only does it give me 50% more zoom than I have now.. it does it at a higher pixels rate… quicker focusing… oh just so many more features than my beautiful and trusty HS10…

  7. I am not familiar with that camera at all but I love the size of it. I can’t wait to see the images and hear your reviews, especially compare to Canon. Very exciting new, indeed!

    • Thanks Mrs P…. I presently use the HS10 this one is just so much more advanced apart from the 50 % more zoom and 60% more pixel capture… the features are unbelievable…

    • Thanks so much… I can’t wait to get it and then get out and show you all the differences between my present HS10 (which I love) and this new one (which I know I will also love)

    • Thanks Brian… when a friend buys it for you as a present, who cares where it comes from… I wanted to buy it via Amazon as it is just so much cheaper than buying it local, but Fujifilm and Amazon have an agreement not to supply to RSA… so a friend bought it for me and has now sent it to me as a present…

  8. exciting, exciting – well for you maybe not for Linda…… Stephen says he uses the X series – mmmm think I got that right, brain empty and he only just told me like one minute ago but has now left the room. I’ll let you know if I’ve got that wrong! Anything is possible.

  9. All the very best with your new toy Rob, somehow don’t know how you are going to improve on your current photos! Am green with envy! Love to you both. Tish

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