Gemsbok.. of the Kalahari.

Gemsbok (Oryx gazella)

A large antelope with striking black and white markings on the face and legs, black side stripes on the flanks and a long black tail. Bulls measure 1.2m at the shoulders and attain a mass of 240 Kg. Both bulls and cows have horns. The male horns are shorter and stockier than the female horns.

Gemsbok mostly feed on nutritious leaves, grasses and herbs. During the dry season they feed on flowers and will also browse for food. To supplement water requirements gemsbok dig for succulents and extensively eat tsama melons.

The behaviour of this species is geared to energy and water conservation. In the heat of the day they will lie-up in the shades of trees. Where shade is not available they will orientate themselves to present as little as possible of their body surface to the sun. Lone bulls are common and have been known to kill attacking lions by impaling them with their strong horns.

This like the cape buffalo is a tenacious animal… and have been known to attack predators that prey on their young, as demonstrated in this video clip, don’t give up on the clip, the young survives… here’s some photos of them in the Kalahari desert…









44 thoughts on “Gemsbok.. of the Kalahari.

    • The Kalahari is a landscape all of its own… we are going there over the Christmas period… so I will be capturing pictures of the unusual landscapes associated with it… post a plenty next year…

    • Well one thing I’d love to capture with a camera, raccoon s, bobcats, coyotes and of course the odd stray bear… lol yes we are lucky to have a very diverse cross section of animals to photo… just one of the benefits of living in Africa…

  1. I used to love buying this animals on Zoo Tycoon, now I actually know a bit about them! It’s weird the males horns are shorter than the female, nature usual would say otherwise.

    • It is almost a tragic event when one has to die for the survival of the cheetah, and I agree the cheetah is such a beautiful cat who looses a lot of their food to lazy Lion… but I still like it when one gets away… the underdog won for a change…

    • Funny I have often wondered when mating if the female has not accidentally given her suitor a painful gab when he mounts… considering the stories of Lion jumping on their backs to kill them ending up themselves impaled on the end of these Sabres…

    • I have been to a few zoos and it rips my heart apart to see these animals compounded (imprisoned)… I know they have their place for education and breeding, but I prefer them in the wild…

  2. These images are AWESOME! Thanks for showing me something that I didn’t know existed :)…..Couldn’t watch the video…I have a hard time watching them 🙂 :)…silly me…always ready to cry over them 🙂

    • Nature can be cruel… and I know the cats have to kill to survive… but when I see a video that shows the animal beating the cat I always cheer… it might be something about me always shouting for the underdog…
      I have seen Lion take down antelope, cheetah as well, even got a Leopard on its kill, but never been lucky to see the underdog win…
      There is a set of photos of a crocodile grabbing a Zebra by the foot… the Zebra bit the croc’s eye and the croc let go… now there’s a win I’d have liked to see…

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