Voortrekker Monument other features.

Post three of the Voortrekker Monument.

Visitors to the monument enter through a black wrought iron gate with an assegai (spear) motif.

After passing through the gate one finds oneself inside a big laager consisting of 64 ox-wagons made out of decorative granite. The same number of wagons were used at the Battle of Blood River to form the laager.

Voortrekker Monument 135

Voortrekker Monument 098











Voortrekker Monument 130

Voortrekker Monument 092









On each outside corner of the Monument there is a statue, respectively representing Piet Retief, Andries Pretorius, Hendrik Potgieter and an "unknown" leader (representative of all the other Voortrekker leaders). Each statue weighs approximately 6 tons.

Voortrekker Monument 086

Voortrekker Monument 093






















Voortrekker Monument 096

Voortrekker Monument 102

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