Pin-tailed Whydah.. a feisty little fellow…

Pin-tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura)

The Pin-tailed Whydah is 12–13 cm in length, although the breeding male’s tail adds another 20 cm to this.

The male Pin-tailed Whydah is territorial, and one male often has several females in his small group. He has an elaborate courtship flight display, which includes hovering over the female to display his tail.

This little fellow was very ambitious, and I watched him hover over many different specie of bird at the feeders. He was trying his best to interest birds three times his size… Men are all the same…




53 thoughts on “Pin-tailed Whydah.. a feisty little fellow…

  1. Love this bird including his beautiful long tail. Interesting that he sheds his tail and colours when not breeding. So interesting. I too would love to see it fly when he is not in breeding. Gorgeous shots!

    • We have a few specie here that go through this dramatic change in the breeding time… I have done a few posts on the other can’t remember what it is called… something like dressing for success… lol

  2. Tail, tail, tail; he must be tired of hearing all the comments about that old tail. So I will say how beautiful the colors are on his beak.It becomes the focal point when I look at him. And the feathers on his wing are subtle but interesting. What does it take to get you interested enough to want to photograph a creature?

    • I will take a photo of any animal or bird just for the hope that one gets that special shot… I have sat and studied the movements, communication and nuances of so many animals and birds and my motivation is to try and capture what I see on camera… a bird like this has so much going for it at breeding time, I must look to see if I have a photo of it when not breeding, so drab and actually so different.. that is what gets me taking photos… natures wonders…

  3. when I read this I’d just taken a sip of coffee: He was trying his best to interest birds three times his size… Men are all the same… Now I’m cleaning my keyboard – thanks!

  4. Never seen this bird before. No doubt there’s a reason behind the long tail. Amazing how wildlife evolves, and great to see.

    • Thank you… just been to your blog and love the ride and pidout, but where is your comments section… I had a real good comment to place and there is nothing there…

  5. Wow! What a sweet little thing he is. That tail is so fascinating and beautiful. The tail feathers are longer than the little bird. I would just love to see it fly. He looks aeronautically challenged. 🙂

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