More Lion of the Kalahari.. Road Hogs..

This pride we came across lying on the road… in no hurry to make way for traffic…

Kalagadi 1274

We waited for this vehicle to pass and we moved up next to them to get a few close up photos… My son was on that side of the vehicle and was the closest.. Linda in the back .. she chirped like a chicken calling her chicks.. “close the window, lets move, that lion is going to come through the window.” We took the photos and generally ignored her…

lens photos 351

lens photos 353

lens photos 354

lens photos 355

They pretty well ignored us .. and the cameras continued to click.. it’s not that often that such an opportunity arises….

lens photos 356

lens photos 361

lens photos 366

lens photos 369

Kalagadi 1276

Kalagadi 1279

57 thoughts on “More Lion of the Kalahari.. Road Hogs..

  1. Your lions are … stunning – why should they move – that is their land. Lens photo 366 is my pick .. nice that you got some photos on the females too.

    • These were the only females we saw and due to there position in the shade and bright sun light behind them we did not get that many good photos of them.. even though we took a lot… I actually want more photos of the females as they are so much healthier looking than those in Kruger and I wanted to make comparison photos… an excuse that I now have to go back for to obtain…

      • I’m so fascinate about all the big cats … when I visit my mum – I always the Nature channel. BBC did a fantastic series about the big cats. The others didn’t look like they were feeling well .. hope of all my heart that they are.
        I know it goes a lot of afford into the animals – they are looked after in the national parks.

  2. I don’t know what I would do…I would be so enthralled, but I’d probably respond very similarly to Linda. Of course, they didn’t look to concerned themselves. It’s interesting that a car is of no interest to them at all! 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos! Lions are so majestic! When I lived in BC, cows would be laying on the winding country roads at night. You’d come ripping around a corner and there they were! I think they enjoyed the warmth of the pavement. Something tells me these lions weren’t looking for warmth though.

    • Funny the cows do the same in this country.. almost as though they have a death wish… the lion I think might be slightly different, these were seeking shade.. but if we had of blown a hooter or given them a bump.. we would probably have been on the receiving end.. they are known to shred a tyre with one bite… now that might not be pleasant sitting there wanting to fit the spare with 4 lion waiting for you to alight…

    • Thanks so much.. one of the differences between the Kalahari and Kruger.. in Kruger there would be a 100 vehicles around such a sighting… in the Kalahari.. there might be two.. and then one feels crowded..

  4. Isn’t there any risk with them… are they really in peace… or you are in safety point? I wondered. Wonderful photographs, I can die for this. Thank you, love, nia

    • Thanks Nia.. whilst in a vehicle it is said they see the whole vehicle and you are a part of it… they don’t see you as an individual.. and they are not interested in the vehicle as it is not on the menu… so you on the inside are safe…

  5. Ahhhh…they look so gentle and then “BOOM” , through the window they come…and forever after Linda will say, “the last time I saw Rob he was still clicking away on his camera…..even as the lion dragged him off to the bushes…I TOLD HIM TO SHUT THE WINDOW!! “

    • Now you beginning to sound just like Linda… remember they are cats and I’m the Bulldog… dogs always frighten cats… I told her this but she was not convinced.. lol

  6. I had a cat like that once, too. But he wasn’t nearly as visible or as ominous to any driver passing by. But they still drove around him. The benefits of small town living, right? Or of a cat’s power, no matter the size… 😉

    • I nearly said “I wonder sometimes if their bark is not worse than their bite”… but their ROAR is frightening enough to remind one, this cat can kill you with one swipe of it’s paw… however, when sitting in a vehicle, the experts say he cannot see you as a smaller entity but rather as a moving part of the bigger picture, so being up close like that gives one a feeling of safety, and maybe a bit of a false bravery more than being scared.. It is a bit of an adrenaline rush…

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